These are all the active characters on No Return.
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Aaron Donal
A blacksmith, he semi-voluntarily left Stillwater after losing an arm.
Adam Harding
Adam is a former Stillwater Sentinel. When in Stillwater, he was a commonly seen PR guy and ration card distribution officer.
Adrian Janelle Spalding
A skilled carpenter with a somewhat jaded outlook and sarcastic demeanor who is trying to find a safe place to hide– er, to settle down in.
Alo A'ani
Native American fellow. Medicine man, mountain man, spirit guide and nomad.
Arden Lindauer
Stillwater voluntary exile to give her sister a better life.
Aristide Rousseau
A young woman from central Indiana, well-versed in agriculture, animal husbandry, and avoiding other human beings at all costs.
Athena Stuart
Soldier (Officer), survivor, positive thriver, scout, wonderer
Bruce Tuskatella
A former ranch hand turned wanderer who had to flee when his ranch was invaded.
Caspar Finch
An ex-CDC chemist. A drunk. A smartass.
Cassandra Fox
Cassandra slipped out of Stillwater with a voluntary group that was leaving, presumably to avoid some kind of trouble from the Sentinels. She is an animal-loving young woman with an attitude.
Cassandra Demengeaux
A bright, optimistic animal lover raised in Stillwater by a single-parent Sentinel.
Chava Flamenbaum
Your typical post-apocalyptic goofy Orthodox Jewish feminist.
Mark Bradford
A chemist looking to land his name in the history books.
Caroline Elena Gordon
The daughter of an affluent doctor, Elena is definitely out of her element in the wilds. Still, she’s determined to pull through.
Fox Renard
a scavenger with a clever wit and a bag of tricks
Garrett Loehrke
Born and raised by historical re-enactors to be a pikeman in their shire.
Gene Dresden
Gene is a former U.S. Marshal. Gene was a man hunter before the zombie virus destroyed civilization. He did some horrible things in the early days, so bad in fact he has blocked out memory of the events of several years.
Greg Fox
A former school-teacher and bibliophile, Greg left Stillwater to protect his sister and build a better community than the one they left behind.
Harrison Vance
Wayward son of a politician, this former drug dealer and convict has been traveling from place to place with his cellmate.
Heather Fairemont
Born and raised in an isolated, self-sufficient, government listening post, Heather is familiar with rigid expectations and rules, but not so much the chaos of the world beyond her one-time home.
Jonathan Hughes
A post-outbreak trained medic with a progressive taste for apocalyptic life.
Juliet Harding
Kat Monroe
A seasoned survivor. Scout, tracker, scavenger and more.
Kelly Patton
A patient turned virologist survivor in a hospital bunker, obsessed with curing the virus.
Leallison Hudson
Leah likes to build and repair things and will do what she has to do to take care of her eight year old daughter.
Lexie Ferris
A former child patient who has survived ever since in a hospital, studying psychology from the hospital staff.
Luque Rivera
A known troublemaker; fierce, quick and hot-tempered, he slipped through voluntary departure after a huge crackdown effort began in Stillwater to bring down the growing gang violence.
Mackenzie Drake
Daughter of an outlaw and exile, Mac has been surviving out in the wilderness with a small camp since she was a child; now she’s returning to something closer to civilization.
Maisie Ingersson
Pop Princess who survived the zombie apocalypse.
Maxim Vargas
The tall, dark man with an unknown past.
Michelle Poplin
Born and raised a ‘Rennie’, Michelle’s skills have certainly been useful in a world gone to hell. Currently the camp’s main leatherworker and furrier.
Miette Sabourin
A former trauma surgeon just trying to survive any way she can, scarred from the outbreak and the chaos that’s ensued.
Ernesto Diaz
Ex-con moving from place to place with his cell mate.
Noor El-Amin
An amputee seeking a community for her and her unborn child after leaving Stillwater.
Owen Lennox
A middle-aged farmer wandering the world, trying to sow hope and do good works.
Patrick Drake
A wandering exile in search of home after too many years spent cut off from everything and everyone he once knew.
Miranda O'Neil
An ex-cop who survived the fall of a city and a trek from near the Southernmost part of Texas to Wisconsin. She’s hoping to one day find what’s left of her family and maybe someday find a place to belong.
Roy Bean
ex Sentinal Construction/Demolition specialist
Tessa O'Malley
Daughter of medieval re-enactors commune, they called it a shire.
Thea Fisher
A Stillwater refugee and blacksmith hoping for a fresh start in a new place.
Tobias Nikolic
Ex-bandit trying to find a new course through life.
Oscar Molina III
An engineer from Stillwater. Smart, though seen as a bit odd by most.
William Kidd
Survivalist from the Midwest, Raised at the Minot Outpost in ND.
William Talcott
A balding, unassuming middle-aged farmer
Zanna McGinnis
Promising doctor trainee, former Sentinel draftee turned traitor turned deserter.
Ezequiel Watson
A rehab counselor displaced from Stillwater by recent events.