icon_roll_untrainedThe skill may be rolled untrained. icon_no_roll_untrainedThe skill may not be rolled untrained.

This school covers a wide range of skills from personal gardening to managing and maintaining a full scale farm. This skill also covers knowledge about different types of crops, as well as the use of both personal and industrial tools used in the field, but does NOT cover the operation of large-scale farming vehicles, such as tractors and combines.

Skill Focus - Agriculture: Farming

This covers farming, including planting and harvesting fields, the knowledge of crop rotation, irrigation, and all things related to maintaining a functional, productive farm.

*This does not cover the operation of large-scale farming vehicles, such as tractors and combines. (See Drive: Industrial)

Skill Focus - Agriculture: Gardening

Both small and large-scale gardening. This includes flowers, fruits and vegetables that one might grow for personal use in their backyard, and also covers a more professional role of managing and maintaining a larger garden and landscaping challenges.

Skill Focus - Agriculture: Horticulture

The cultivation of a garden, orchard, or nursery, including the cultivation of flowers, fruits, vegetables, or ornamental plants.

Skill Focus - Agriculture: Hydroponics

Knowledge of the effective, proper use of a hydroponics setup to cultivate plants by placing the roots in liquid nutrient solutions rather than in soil.

The ability to calm and command animals, as well as the general care and grooming of them.

Skill Focus - Animal Handling: Domestic

The handling of domesticated animals. (ex. Horses, cats, dogs, cattle)

Skill Focus - Animal Handling: Exotic

The handling of exotic animals. (ex. Giraffe, wolf, bear, tiger)

This skill governs the use of all arrow-based weaponry, including recurve bows, compound bows, and crossbows.

This does not cover the crafting of archery equipment. (See: Bowsmithing)

The production of artistic material with the intent of aesthetic principles of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. These focuses may be used solely to create works of art, or rolled in combination with other skills to add more design and aesthetic value to a creation.

Skill Focus - Art: Carving
Skill Focus - Art: Ceramics
Skill Focus - Art: Digital Media
Skill Focus - Art: Engraving
Skill Focus - Art: Etching
Skill Focus - Art: Illustration
Skill Focus - Art: Metalworking
Skill Focus - Art: Painting
Skill Focus - Art: Sculpture
Skill Focus - Art: Tattooing

This skill covers the broad range of activities that people use to keep themselves in tip-top shape. For fun or for the benefit of health, each of these skills represents a different area of physical fitness.

Skill Focus - Athletics: Acrobatics
Skill Focus - Athletics: Climbing
Skill Focus - Athletics: Dancing
Skill Focus - Athletics: Gymnastics
Skill Focus - Athletics: Running
Skill Focus - Athletics: Sports
Skill Focus - Athletics: Swimming

The ability to craft, repair & modify bows & crossbows. Each focus includes the ability to make arrows for that type of bow.

Skill Focus - Bowsmithing: Basic
Skill Focus - Bowsmithing: Compound
Skill Focus - Bowsmithing: Crossbow

The ability to use,  program, or otherwise manipulate modern computer devices such as PCs, laptops, and handheld computers such as tablets and PDAs. Computers: Hardware covers the replacement of key components such as hard drives and memory.

Skill Focus - Computers: General Use
Skill Focus - Computers: Hacking
Skill Focus - Computers: Hardware
Skill Focus - Computers: Networking
Skill Focus - Computers: Programming

The construction industry comprises a wide range of activities involving construction, alteration, and/or repair of buildings and other structures. Examples include residential construction, bridge erection, roadway paving, excavations, demolitions, and large scale painting jobs.

Skill Focus - Construction: Architecture
Skill Focus - Construction: Carpentry
Skill Focus - Construction: Demolition
Skill Focus - Construction: Electrical
Skill Focus - Construction: Masonry
Skill Focus - Construction: Metalwork
Skill Focus - Construction: Plumbing
Skill Focus - Construction: Roofing

From a rudimentary stew with a small handful ingredients to a four course fine dining experience, these skills cover the ability to make edible, nutritious meals and the ability to make food that is pleasing to the palate.

Skill Focus - Cooking: Baking
Skill Focus - Cooking: Basics
Skill Focus - Cooking: Braising
Skill Focus - Cooking: Brewing
Skill Focus - Cooking: Butchering
Skill Focus - Cooking: Ethnic
Skill Focus - Cooking: Frying
Skill Focus - Cooking: Grilling
Skill Focus - Cooking: Pastry
Skill Focus - Cooking: Poaching
Skill Focus - Cooking: Preserving
Skill Focus - Cooking: Roasting
Skill Focus - Cooking: Sauces
Skill Focus - Cooking: Soups

Crafting includes a whole host of activities associated with hand-making products for aesthetic and/or functional purposes.

Skill Focus - Crafts: Beading
Skill Focus - Crafts: Crochet
Skill Focus - Crafts: Embroidery
Skill Focus - Crafts: Knitting
Skill Focus - Crafts: Leatherworking
Skill Focus - Crafts: Macrame
Skill Focus - Crafts: Quilting
Skill Focus - Crafts: Scrapbooking
Skill Focus - Crafts: Sewing
Skill Focus - Crafts: Soapmaking
Skill Focus - Crafts: Spinning
Skill Focus - Crafts: Weaving

The ability to hide oneself in plain sight with the use of accessories, cause everyone loves a dabbling of makeup, over-sized trench coats and multiple wigs.

This skill is used to try to get out of the way of danger, be it avoiding someone trying to grab you, trying to get out of the way of a gunman, or evading being hit with a fist or swung object.

The ability to drive any of a certain class of vehicles, including manual or automatic transmissions. This skill does not govern the repair of the vehicles, but merely the operation of them.

Skill Focus - Drive: Automobile
Skill Focus - Drive: Commercial
Skill Focus - Drive: Industrial
Skill Focus - Drive: Motorcycle

The ability to design, operate and repair machines and/or constructs appropriate to the skill focus.

Skill Focus - Engineering: Chemical
Skill Focus - Engineering: Civil
Skill Focus - Engineering: Electrical
Skill Focus - Engineering: Electronic
Skill Focus - Engineering: Mechanical
Skill Focus - Engineering: Structural

This skill is used for rolls relating to escape confinement, whether it’s a lawman’s handcuffs or the men in white coats’ straightjacket.

This skill reflects knowledge/training in explosive materials, including the crafting and disarming of explosive devices.

The ability to shoot a gun safely and with accuracy. Select a focus for the type of gun you are trained in.

Skill Focus - Firearms: Handguns
Skill Focus - Firearms: Rifles
Skill Focus - Firearms: Shotguns
Skill Focus - Firearms: Submachine

Anyone can gamble, but not everyone can do it well. This skill reflects your knowledge of games of chance and your skill at playing them. Bluff skill not required!

The ability to craft firearms, including repairing and gun modifications.

Skill Focus - Gunsmithing: Handguns
Skill Focus - Gunsmithing: Rifles
Skill Focus - Gunsmithing: Shotguns
Skill Focus - Gunsmithing: Submachine

This skill covers dirt digging, at least figuratively. If you’ve got a mystery to solve, this is a good place to start.

Skill Focus - Investigation: Research
Skill Focus - Investigation: Surveillance

This skill covers a broad range of fairly specific topics and reflects book learnin’, not necessarily real world experience.

Skill Focus - Knowledge: Academics
Skill Focus - Knowledge: Combat Tactics
Skill Focus - Knowledge: Cryptography
Skill Focus - Knowledge: Finance
Skill Focus - Knowledge: Government
Skill Focus - Knowledge: Psychology
Skill Focus - Knowledge: Security

This skill’s focuses cover skills of value to thieves and perhaps street magicians.

Skill Focus - Larceny: Intrusion
Skill Focus - Larceny: Lockpicking
Skill Focus - Larceny: Pick Pocket
Skill Focus - Larceny: Sleight of Hand

Did you hear that? If you had this skill, you might! Used from everything to detecting the tink-tink-tink of a tossed grenade to overhearing a conversation at a nearby table.

The ability to maintain/repair and operate equipment appropriate to the focus. Useful for people who know how to fix things but maybe not how to design/build them–that would fall under Engineering.

Skill Focus - Maintenance: Building
Skill Focus - Maintenance: Industrial
Skill Focus - Maintenance: Vehicles

This skill encompasses the knowledge and practice of medical arts, from basic first aid to advanced diagnosis of medical conditions.

Skill Focus - Medicine: First Aid
Skill Focus - Medicine: General
Skill Focus - Medicine: Holistic
Skill Focus - Medicine: Nursing
Skill Focus - Medicine: Pharmacology
Skill Focus - Medicine: Veterinary

This skill covers hand to hand combat with weapons, whether improvised or otherwise.

Skill Focus - Melee: Blades
Skill Focus - Melee: Blunt

This skill covers musical composition and the playing of musical instruments. It covers how skilled you are with the instrument (or with composing), not necessarily your skill at performing. See also: Performance

Skill Focus - Music: Brass
Skill Focus - Music: Composition
Skill Focus - Music: Conducting
Skill Focus - Music: Keyboard
Skill Focus - Music: Percussion
Skill Focus - Music: Strings
Skill Focus - Music: Woodwinds

The ability to perform, whether with your body, your voice, an instrument or some combination of the three.

Skill Focus - Performance: Acting
Skill Focus - Performance: Dancing
Skill Focus - Performance: Illusion
Skill Focus - Performance: Instrumental
Skill Focus - Performance: Singing

This skill covers piloting vehicles that are flown or sailed.

Skill Focus - Pilot: Airplane
Skill Focus - Pilot: Helicopter
Skill Focus - Pilot: Watercraft

The ability to ride an animal, domestic or otherwise. Covers bareback as well as with full tack.

Skill Focus - Riding: Domestic
Skill Focus - Riding: Exotic

This skill’s focuses cover knowledge of scientific topics/methods. Can be used to test your knowledge as well as your ability to conduct experiments or research.

Skill Focus - Science: Astronomy
Skill Focus - Science: Atmospheric
Skill Focus - Science: Biology
Skill Focus - Science: Botany
Skill Focus - Science: Chemistry
Skill Focus - Science: Environmental
Skill Focus - Science: Geography
Skill Focus - Science: Geology
Skill Focus - Science: Physics

The ability to ‘get a read’ on someone, determine if they’re shooting straight or witholding something.

The ability to create things out of metal, from horseshoes to halberds.

Skill Focus - Smithing: Armor
Skill Focus - Smithing: Blades
Skill Focus - Smithing: General

This suite of skills covers social interactions. Whether you’re trying to make an impression or make a fair trade, this is your go-to skill.

Skill Focus - Social: Barter
Skill Focus - Social: Bluff
Skill Focus - Social: Command
Skill Focus - Social: Diplomacy
Skill Focus - Social: Haggle
Skill Focus - Social: Intimidate
Skill Focus - Social: Leadership
Skill Focus - Social: Persuade
Skill Focus - Social: Seduction

The ability to locate something (or someone) with a quick glance around the area. For a more thorough search, use Search.

The ability to sneak about undetected, moving silently and/or hiding.

This skill reflects your street smarts–the skills and knowledge necessary for dealing with modern urban life, in particular the difficult or criminal aspects of it.

These skill focuses are for medical doctors trained in surgery. Typically, a doctor will have one specialty but more than one isn’t entirely unheard of.

Skill Focus - Surgery: Cardiac
Skill Focus - Surgery: General
Skill Focus - Surgery: Neuro
Skill Focus - Surgery: Orthopedic
Skill Focus - Surgery: Pediatric
Skill Focus - Surgery: Trauma

The ability to survive in the wilderness, from finding shelter and food to tracking and avoiding foot rot.

Skill Focus - Survival: Fishing
Skill Focus - Survival: Foraging
Skill Focus - Survival: General
Skill Focus - Survival: Scavenging
Skill Focus - Survival: Tracking
Skill Focus - Survival: Traps

The ability to throw objects with accuracy. Can apply to anything from snowballs to daggers.

These skill focuses cover hand to hand combat without weapons.

Skill Focus - Unarmed Combat: Boxing
Skill Focus - Unarmed Combat: Brawling
Skill Focus - Unarmed Combat: Martial Arts

This skill is a reflection of your strength of mind. It can be used for anything from resisting temptation to resisting the influence of others trying to get you to do something that is against your will or nature.

This skill covers writing in all its forms, for pleasure or profit.

Skill Focus - Writing: Author
Skill Focus - Writing: Journalist
Skill Focus - Writing: Poet
Skill Focus - Writing: Songwriter