Although we do our best to make our web site user friendly, there are some questions we get asked a lot by new players. Here is a short compilation of the most frequently asked questions:

Is this a MUD?

No Return is a MUSH, not a MUD. We do advertise on sites like Mud Connector, MUD Stats, and Top MUD Sites, but these sites allow other text-based games to advertise on them as well as MUDs. Although there is plenty of opportunity for combat on No Return for those that want it, our focus is on roleplay and there isn’t any solo content.

What do I need to read to get started?

You should start by reading through the Theme files. (Yes, all of them… really there aren’t that many!) We’ve tried not to get too carried away, and we don’t feel there is an overwhelming amount of information for new players to read. We also ask everyone to read through the Policy files. There are more of them than the Theme files, but most are fairly short.

Does the game take place in Stillwater?

No, the game is currently set at Camp Missaukee.

What types of characters are most needed?

Our answer to this is almost always: Play what you want to play, within reason. Our Character Creation Guide contains a list of frequently used concepts that you may want to avoid, and there is a page for Wanted Character Concepts posted by players if you’re interested in establishing some background ties with an existing character. You can also browse the Characters page to check out the concepts for currently active characters, which will give you an idea of what is currently being played in the game.

What times of day are most active?

Most (but not all) of the players are in the U.S.A. There are a few that are around and active during the day and late at night, but the most active times tend to be evenings from about 6 PM EST to 1 AM EST.

What Chargen system do you use?

We use Dahan’s Skill System (DSS) with a modified language system. If you’re familiar with DSS, you shouldn’t have any trouble. If you’re not, don’t panic. Our Character Creation Guide will help you get started, and Chargen itself will walk you through the process of generating your +sheet without requiring a lot of additional reading. You can also read our Skill System Guide for more detailed information about how skill checks work, but you should be able to get through Chargen without it.

How do I raise a skill focus?

If a skill has focuses, you cannot raise it without specifying a focus. To raise it, you must: +raise <skill>:<focus> to <#>

Does X qualify for Y feat?

Most questions about feat requirements are answered on the Feats page. Please look up the feats you’re interested on the Feats page to make sure you’re representing it properly in your background. On a related note, be sure not to overlap feats. (You can’t take a Phobia of dogs because a dog mauled your arm, leaving you Disfigured and haunted by Nightmares and Flashbacks of the incident, for example.)

How do I read my mail?

+skim, +read # (See: +Mail & BB System)

How do I get a wiki account?

Trick question! There is no wiki. Our site runs on WordPress. You should receive an in-game mail shortly after you are approved with your login credentials for the web site so you can fill out your character page and post RP logs.

Can I raise stats after Chargen?

Yes, you will earn XP via the +Nom system and can use that XP to +raise skills, attributes and languages at the same cost as raising them in Chargen.

Can I buy (or buy off) feats outside of Chargen?

Yes, when it makes sense and doesn’t exceed the 9 feat maximum. Characters grow and change, and sometimes their feats need to change to reflect that. With some feats (Amputee, for example), it would not make sense to buy it off. In contrast, a Phobia can be overcome. We’d just need you to be able to demonstrate via RP logs that you have been working on it. Generally, we require feat changes after Chargen to be due to things that have happened outside Chargen. You can’t buy a feat because it should have been there all along.

How do I nom someone?

+nom <name>=<reason>

What’s Karma?

See: Karma