Money has no meaning in our world–it’s a barter economy. Scavenging runs take place fairly regularly (onscreen and off) and though items necessary for survival (food, water, etc.) are earmarked for the community, surplus necessities and ‘luxury’ items like batteries, fabric, furniture and fuel can be valuable commodities. Those who obtain them can use them around town to barter for other goods and services. All of this is roleplayed, so there aren’t physical objects to trade. We trust our players not to be ridiculous, because part of the fun of a game like this is having limited resources not an abundance of everything you possibly need.

Because of the nature of the economy, there aren’t a lot of “businesses” in the traditional sense, but an enterprising survivor can make just about anything work if they’re willing to put forth the effort and take a few chances. Want to run a restaurant? Well, you’ll need a lot of food but you’ll have customers wanting to ‘buy’ meals with goods and services. You could get some of your food that way, and take in other items of value from customers as payment to trade for more food.

No special permission is required to start a business unless you need a special room built for that business. A Karma expenditure is required to establish a storefront, but anyone can set up shop in a stall in a public place. Aspiring business owners are encouraged to talk to staff about the feasibility of their idea. We’re here to help!