Our Expectations & Etiquette policy covers most of our concerns about conduct on channels, but there are a few more things worth mentioning:

  • Do not join a private channel without an invitation.
  • Don’t overstay your welcome. If someone asks you to leave their channel, just do it.
  • Private channels may have their own rules for conduct, so be sure you find out what those might be. Otherwise the game-wide E&Es should be sufficient.

Staff Presence

Staff will not hang out on private channels unless invited, but may pop in from time to time if they need to make an announcement on said channel or are testing code. Staff will make every effort to gag non-staff channels when they are dark so that they are not lurking on channels with no one aware that they are there.

Channels & Purposes

Generally, the purpose of a channel should be fairly obvious from its name, but here are a few whose purposes are rigorously enforced. Please try to keep chatter on-topic.

  • Public: General chatter, pretty much anything goes. It doesn’t have to be game-related but standard rules of channel conduct, posted above and in the Expectations & Etiquette, apply. We strongly recommend people get used to using +pu or +pub as an alias so you don’t accidentally send info you meant to page on a regular basis.
  • Support: If you have a question or need help with something game-related, this is the place to go. Chargen, theme, systems & commands, everything is fair game for new players and old. New players are added to the Support channel automatically.
  • Code: The place to go for code questions/chat (primarily but not exclusively mushcode). Please keep chatter code-related. It doesn’t have to be NR-specific. The coders present are there to talk shop and offer advice/help where they can. This is not a recruiting ground for coding talent, please don’t use it as such.

Channel Colors

Purple – Staff channels.

Yellow – Support channels.

White – Public chat channels.

Other – Private channels.