Player housing is currently limited to Camp Missaukee and the environs. Players are welcome to settle in any of the buildings or pitch tents wherever they like. The animal-themed cabins are most popular/logical, but ICly you can settle anywhere the community allows you to settle. The housing in the staff nook area is currently uninhabitable due to structural instability, but could potentially be repaired.

Players wishing to construct additional buildings can do so, but must spend karma and have appropriate construction skills (or partner with someone who does).

A directory of who is staying where can be found here: Camp Missaukee Housing Claims

Please note: Per our Idle Policy, characters are considered to have left the immediate vicinity in some fashion if they have not logged in for 60 days. When that happens, any housing claims they had are cleared so that active characters can move in.

I have an idea not listed here.

If you have an idea for housing that falls outside of these categories, just submit a request and we’ll take a look. It may or may not require a Karma expenditure.

There’s no place like home!

Players can have their home set to wherever they are currently living ICly. Just submit a request and note where you’d like to have your home set to. Once your home is set, you can use the ‘home’ command to quickly teleport there from anywhere on the grid.