We hate to see players go, but sometimes it happens. No harm, no foul. The following policy regarding idle characters has been established:

A character is considered idle when it has not been logged in for 60 days.

At the 60 day mark, characters are considered to have left the immediate vicinity¬†in some fashion. This also means that any housing they were occupying becomes available for someone else to claim. We’ll leave it vague in RP, it will be up to the player of the character to decide if and when they return where their character has been in the intervening time.

At the 120 day mark, characters are eligible to be removed from the database. We purge infrequently, so it’s possible for a character to linger longer. When we purge idle characters, we’ll post a list in-game and provide an explanation for what is believed to have happened to the characters. For example, “A number of townspeople are unaccounted for and assumed dead after the mangled remains of a missing scavenging party was discovered west of town.” The character’s disappearance might have nothing to do with that at all, but it will allow RP to continue with some IC closure. If the character pops up again later, they can ‘return from the dead’ and some good RP will surely be sparked.

Once a character hase been purged, it cannot be restored. However, if the player returns and wants to re-Chargen the character, they’re welcome to. Additional XP may be given at staff discretion, but these occasions are the exception rather than the rule and do not occur without sufficient justification.