At this time, we are still rolling out the karma system and as such, the reward costs may be adjusted from time to time. No refunds or reimbursements will be offered if the costs change before/after your intended purchase.

Karma is a method of rewarding players for their contributions to the game in a way that doesn’t necessarily make their character(s) more powerful the way that direct XP rewards do. Karma is attached to players, not characters, so it can be spent as they see fit and does not need to be transferred if a character is retired or dies.

To see your current Karma, just type +karma.

Earning Karma

Players can nominate each other for Karma via the +karma/nom command. Each approved nomination is worth 1 point, and players can submit one nomination per week. Be sure you give a good justification, tell us why the player deserves Karma! Staff periodically reviews the nominations and awards Karma to deserving players. If a nomination is rejected, you’ll be able to edit/resubmit. Staff can also nominate players for Karma; staff nominations will be reviewed by another staffer before Karma is awarded. Karma nominations reset early Wednesday morning.

Players can earn Karma by:

  • Running plots.
  • Helping newbies.
  • Submitting logs.
  • Playing “splat” NPCs.
  • Referring new players to the game.
  • Being graceful in defeat and/or humble in victory. Having a good attitude.
  • Helping staff with projects, including but not limited to writing descriptions, reporting bugs & being guinea pigs while we test code.
  • Anything else someone thinks is worth nominating for.

A typical Karma award is 1-2 points. Greater contributions can result in greater awards.

Losing Karma

There are only a small number of ways that Karma can be lost. For the most part, once you’ve earned it it’s yours. Exceptions include:

  • Punitive Measures. Staff may deduct Karma as a disciplinary action.
  • Spending it. If you spend it, it will go away. No refunds or exchanges.
  • Retirement. If you no longer have any characters on the game (due to idle purge or intentional retirement), your Karma resets to 0.

Spending Karma

To spend your Karma points on a reward, please use the Request Form on the website. For some of the rewards you will need to explain how your character will get that in-game reward, such as with the vehicles or specific items, or for a business we’ll need some explanation of what you’re looking for, how it will be set up, etc.

Staff reserves the right to deny a karma reward request, or ask the player to meet additional requirements (ex. RPing a scene about the reward, providing further explanation)

Karma Rewards

Players can spend Karma on:


  • First alt = Free
  • Second alt = 5 Karma
  • Third alt = 8 Karma
  • Fourth alt (and beyond) = 12 Karma

Animals (Must be Fed)

  • Livestock (1) = 3 Karma
  • Breeding Livestock Pair = 5 Karma

Commercial Real Estate
(for business or residential use)

  • Single-room shop = 4 Karma
  • Three-room Shop = 8 Karma
  • Add-on a room = 3 Karma

Grab Bag Mystery Prize

  • 1 Staff-determined item = 1-5 Karma. The more you spend, the cooler it can be!


  • Mook NPCs = Free
  • Lieutenant NPCs = 3 Karma
  • Mastermind NPCs = 6 Karma


  • Car (AWD +1 Karma) = 2 Karma
  • Horse (breed must be defined, must feed) = 3 Karma
  • Jeep/SUV = 4 Karma
  • Truck = 4 Karma
  • Motorcycle = 5 Karma
  • Large/Specialty Vehicle = 6 Karma
  • Large Vehicle Accessories (ie plow, trailer, truck cap)  = 1 Karma


  • 100 XP = 1 Karma
  • 500 XP = 4 Karma

ZNA Antidote

  • 1 Dose = 2 Karma