Whether Livestock was found via +scavenge, TP or bought with Karma, this is the policy for breeding them.

If the animals to be bred are owned by two different players, both players must:

  1. Agree to the breeding.
  2. Decide who the offspring belongs to. (One person.)
  3. Figure out who is doing the breeding.
  4. Hash it out via RP with a posted scene log.

Whoever is doing the breeding must submit a request with:

  1. Which animals are to be bred.
  2. Who will own the offspring. (One person.)
  3. A link to the RP log where the details are hashed out. (Or the plan to breed is mentioned, if the same person owns both animals.)

Staff will determine difficulty, request appropriate rolls, and notify of results. A livestock object will not be created until the offspring is born.

If the owner of an animal is designated as “community” it can be bred freely.

If the owner of an animal has gone inactive and cannot be reached, the animal cannot be bred.