Players are encouraged to use their imaginations when naming their characters and pick something they think suits them. The following rules apply:

  • One word names only for character objects. Your character’s full name might be Josiah Brownwood, but the name of the character object (your login, what shows up on the ‘who’ list) must be ‘Josiah’, ‘Brownwood’ or some other (one word) nickname that he goes by day to day. On No Return, NPCs always have two names, so it’s easy to distinguish between PCs and NPCs at a glance. Hyphens are fine, within reason (Good: Ming-Li Bad: John-Jacob-Jingleheimer-Schmidt). You’ll have the ability to set your full name as you go through Character Generation, this can be pretty much as long as you want.
  • Keep it thematic. This is a modern game, not medieval fantasy, so name yourself accordingly. Sometimes people go by nicknames, but you’re not going to find ‘Sir Richard the Stormwarden’.
  • No city┬ánames.┬áThat’s our staff naming scheme, sorry! Obviously, we may not be familiar with every city in the USA, just steer clear of the capitols and other big ones.
  • Be original. Names of historical figures or characters from fiction/film are not allowed. Obviously, we haven’t read every book out there, but if we recognize your (full) name you’ll be asked to change it.

Need some help picking a name, or generating NPC names? Try a name generator!