New Players

One of the first things that you do when you create a character on No Return is register. Registration must be complete before you can enter Chargen.

During registration, you will be asked to provide an email address (see Email Address Usage & Privacy below).

By registering, you are affirming that you are 18 years of age or older and you give the staff permission to contact you at your registered email address.

Registration details can be viewed at any time with +myreg. If you need to change your registered email address, please contact a staffer.


To register an alt, just use +register with the same email you registered with previously. (You can view your registered email on a registered character with +myreg.) For more information about our alt policy see: Alts.


If you are creating an NPC, do not use +register. Instead, use +npcreg <character> where <character> is your character’s name. This will link the NPC to your character/WordPress account. For more information about NPC character bits on No Return, see NPCs.

Email Address Usage & Privacy

By providing us your email address, you agree that we may contact you via email as needed regarding the game. Although mass mailings are rare, we do occasionally have a need to send out notifications or news this way. Our promise to you is that we will use your email address responsibly. We will not:

  • Share your email address with anyone outside the staff team.
  • Sign you up for mailing lists or other accounts/services.
  • Send you social (or professional) networking requests.
  • Spam your inbox with a bunch of crap you didn’t ask for.

Additionally, no staff member will ever ask for your password or other personal information via email. If you receive an email from someone pretending to be a staff member and asking for your password or other personal information please contact Phoenix or Cheyenne immediately.