RolePlay (RP) Nominations on No Return are fairly straightforward. Everyone gets 15 +noms per cycle, and can +nom anyone they wish once per cycle (except themselves, NPCs or staff). When you +nom someone, you must provide a reason and/or a pose from the scene you’re nominating the for. +Noms are reviewed by staff periodically (usually at least once a day) and the cycle automatically resets on Wednesdays at 4am CST. Staff may reset the cycle early now and then to keep the +noms flowing.

When your +nom is accepted, you receive 1 XP and the character you nominated receives 3 XP. If your justification was insufficient, staff may reject your +nom and ask you to resubmit. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your +mail for rejections as well as comments from the people you RP with!

Tips for great +noms:

  • Be discriminate. Don’t feel like you have to +nom everyone you RP with every time you RP with them. Save your +noms for really good poses and/or scenes that really left an impression.
  • Personalize. Reflect on the pose/scene you feel is worth nominating and make a comment if you can. A custom message is more meaningful than a pose alone.
  • Be constructive. If you’re on the fence about nominating someone because you felt their RP was not that great, use it as an opportunity to provide some feedback. It’s okay to say, “Thanks for the scene, it would be helpful if you’d do less thought-posing so I have more to react to.” or “Your poses were so short, I literally cannot fill out a +nom with just one of them. I’d really like to see more from you!”
  • Don’t re-paste. Take the time to tell someone what you really enjoyed about their RP. Don’t copy/paste the same justification for everyone.