A number of TP (TinyPlot) rooms are available in the OOC area (+ooc) for players and staff to use. Use of these rooms is first come, first serve. TP Rooms are usually used for special events or out of town RP, but can also be used for closed scenes in general. With that said, every character is welcome to request a private room on the grid (see: Housing) and you can set whatever scene you like in there too. The weather in TP Rooms may not necessarily match the current weather on the grid, but they are set up to have the same general climate. Feel free to use whatever weather is appropriate for your scene.

TP Room Rules

  1. TP Rooms can be used for scenes set in the past, present or future, in any reasonable location.
  2. Players may not wander into TP Rooms and join or watch a scene in progress; you must be invited or get permission from whoever is running the scene to join.
  3. Although scenes in TP Rooms may be private/closed, TP Rooms are still considered public rooms and should not be used for sexually explicit RP (aka TinySex).
  4. No parking. If we notice a player RPing exclusively in TP Rooms, they’ll be asked to take their RP to the grid.
  5. No loitering. Don’t idle in TP Rooms. (Quick mid-scene AFKs are fine, it’s extended AFKs we don’t want, especially if it means the room is occupied but no scene is in progress.)

On a final note, please make every effort to leave TP Rooms before you log out. Logging in to a room that is being used for another scene can be disruptive.