Any character below the age of 18 is considered underage.┬áThe minimum age for player characters (PCs) on the MUSH is 18 years. Previously, we did allow characters as young as 12. These already-approved characters are ‘grandfathered’ but no new PCs will be approved under age 18. Underage NPCs may be used as needed for plots.

When it comes to underage characters in sexual situations, we have a strict prohibition on any roleplay that could be construed by United States law as child pornography. This does not mean that older underage characters are forbidden from sexual activity (romantic love is a huge part of any coming of age story), but we ask that they keep it roughly within their age bracket and follow the rules outlined in the Expectations & Etiquette policy.

Characters under the age of 16 are not permitted to engage in roleplay of a sexual nature, period, and must take the Adolescent feat in Chargen.