Players are expected to +warn each other when a potentially fatal situation is brewing. This does not mean you can +warn and then immediately initiate combat; the +warn should be issued before the situation escalates to that point (i.e. you are *warning* the player before things get past the point of no return). Even if all parties involved agree that they are willing to go forward and accept whatever consequences result from a scene/combat, +warn should still be used so there is a record if lethal weaponry is being used.

Every +warn is permanently recorded, and staff is notified whenever one is issued. If a staffer is available, they may drop in on the scene to observe the outcome. Once a +warn is issued, any involved party may request a staff judge for the remainder of the scene.

All players are expected to use +warn judiciously. This means that players who use +warn excessively as well as those who use the +warn policy as an escape chute to avoid consequences for their actions may be subject to disciplinary action.