Agnes Hudson

/Agnes Hudson

Whose Fault Is It Anyway

Bruce and Agnes head out to an underground bunker to the north, and the results wind up rather explosive.
Agnes HudsonBruce Tuskatella

OOC Date: 03/20/2016 || IC Date: 10/01/2033 3:00pm

Going Nowhere Special

Agnes enlists Bruce’s aid for a trip to the north.
Agnes HudsonBruce Tuskatella

OOC Date: 03/15/2016 || IC Date: 09/26/2033 1:00pm

Whispers of the Guilty Conscience

Agnes and Harrison share some stories. One is particularly more guilt-ridden then the other. Neto joins the conversation and proves he has no conscience at all!
Agnes HudsonHarrison VanceNeto Diaz

OOC Date: 03/14/2016 || IC Date: 09/25/2033 12:00am

Weapon of Choice

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
Agnes HudsonBruce TuskatellaJennifer Bradshaw

OOC Date: 02/15/2016 || IC Date: 08/28/2033 5:34pm

Compassion Isn’t Stupid

Agnes and Lexie talk about how bears can be good guys, and mannequins.
Agnes HudsonLexie Ferris

OOC Date: 01/04/2016 || IC Date: 07/17/2033 10:00am

A Book Burning

Neighbors converge on a fire outside of Hawk Cabin. Not quite literary classics are accidentally burned. Accusations of fascism are thrown about. Someone offers Neto some book learning. A typical night.
Agnes HudsonChava FlamenbaumHarrison VanceMaisie IngerssonNeto Diaz

OOC Date: 12/30/2015 || IC Date: 07/11/2033 10:00pm

Low Maintenance

Someone has to take care of all the bad guys out there. The walkers sure aren’t smart enough to do it all.
Agnes HudsonKat Monroe

OOC Date: 12/23/2015 || IC Date: 07/05/2033 9:00pm

Let Freedom Ring

A familiar old flag rises over Eagle Cabin.
Agnes HudsonJennifer Bradshaw

OOC Date: 12/22/2015 || IC Date: 07/04/2033 6:00pm


Jennifer gives a civics lesson.
Agnes HudsonJennifer BradshawNeto Diaz

OOC Date: 12/17/2015 || IC Date: 06/29/2033 12:00pm

Instant Popularity

Jennifer and Neto find Agnes.
Agnes HudsonJennifer BradshawNeto Diaz

OOC Date: 12/10/2015 || IC Date: 06/22/2033 12:00pm