Cassandra Fox

/Cassandra Fox

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A gift is opened. It’s not entirely well received.
Cassandra FoxGreg FoxThea Fisher

OOC Date: 06/03/2016 || IC Date: 12/15/2033 6:00pm

Rescue Efforts

Greg’s past comes galumphing in.
Cassandra FoxGreg FoxThea Fisher

OOC Date: 05/30/2016 || IC Date: 12/11/2033 1:00pm

Matters of Concern

Everyone has them, and the Fox siblings are no different.
Cassandra FoxGreg Fox

OOC Date: 05/03/2016 || IC Date: 11/14/2033 11:30am

Goats in Boats

Members of the community convene to discuss options & strategies for dealing with the coming threat.
AJ SpaldingAristide RousseauAthena StuartCassandra FoxChava FlamenbaumGreg FoxHarrison VanceMaisie IngerssonMiette Sabourin

OOC Date: 04/21/2016 || IC Date: 11/02/2033 8:00pm

The Zombish Are Coming!

It’s neither a ride nor midnight, but you get the idea.
Arden LindauerCassandra FoxGreg FoxHaley CameronMaisie IngerssonPatrick DrakeTobias Nikolic

OOC Date: 04/20/2016 || IC Date: 11/01/2033 7:30pm

Tinned Fox

Sir Drake rides to the rescue and gets some dire news.
Cassandra FoxGreg FoxPatrick Drake

OOC Date: 04/20/2016 || IC Date: 11/01/2033 12:00pm

Mistaken Identity

Smoke draws the campers to investigate on the other side of the lake; not everyone comes back unscathed.
Arden LindauerCassandra FoxKelly Patton

OOC Date: 11/04/2015 || IC Date: 05/17/2033 3:00pm

Ho(e) the Camp

Camp Missaukee gets another newcomer.
Cassandra FoxMichelle PoplinNoor El-AminTrey Molina

OOC Date: 09/07/2015 || IC Date: 03/20/2033 5:00pm

Sick as a Dog

Mac and Cassandra fix up one sick pup.
Cassandra FoxMackenzie Drake

OOC Date: 08/28/2015 || IC Date: 03/10/2033 5:00pm

Miss Sneaky Pants and the Hotel Visitors

Randi, Kat, Cass, and Sam talk about the strangers at the hotel. Also, Cass is tipsy.
Cassandra FoxKat MonroeRandi O'NeilSamuel Smith

OOC Date: 08/24/2015 || IC Date: 03/06/2033 4:00pm