Neto Diaz

/Neto Diaz

Glad you Axed

Neto and Maisie go on a run, and get a surprise.
Maisie IngerssonNeto Diaz

OOC Date: 06/04/2016 || IC Date: 12/16/2033 2:00pm

I Knew Freddy Mercury

People meet.
Greg FoxHarrison VanceMark BradfordNeto Diaz

OOC Date: 05/07/2016 || IC Date: 11/18/2033 1:00pm

Old Dogs

Apparently they can learn new things.
Mackenzie DrakeNeto Diaz

OOC Date: 05/05/2016 || IC Date: 11/15/2033 3:00pm


It doesn’t love company as much as reported.
Harrison VanceMaisie IngerssonNeto DiazPatrick Drake

OOC Date: 05/04/2016 || IC Date: 11/15/2033 2:00pm

Big Decisions

Several are discussed, one is made.
Kat MonroeNeto DiazTobias Nikolic

OOC Date: 05/03/2016 || IC Date: 11/14/2033 6:00pm

Too Mean to Die

Neto, that is.
Harrison VanceNeto Diaz

OOC Date: 04/27/2016 || IC Date: 11/06/2033 5:00am

The Waiting Game

It’s the worst part.
Harrison VanceNeto Diaz

OOC Date: 04/24/2016 || IC Date: 11/05/2033 11:30am

Zombie Highway

Weary defenders continue to push back wave after wave of undead. But just when you think you can’t teach a dead dog new tricks…
Adam HardingBruce TuskatellaKat MonroeMackenzie DrakeMaisie IngerssonMaxim VargasNeto DiazPatrick Drake

OOC Date: 04/23/2016 || IC Date: 11/04/2033 3:00pm


The campers hold off the zombie herd — for now — and wonder what new horror awaits them, thanks to a mysterious howl in the middle of the attack.
Adam HardingAthena StuartGarrett LoehrkeKat MonroeMackenzie DrakeMaisie IngerssonMaxim VargasNeto DiazPatrick Drake

OOC Date: 04/22/2016 || IC Date: 11/03/2033 4:00pm

Authorial Intent

Maisie proposes Harry write a book; Neto agrees to learn to read when that happens. But only if it doesn’t suck.
Harrison VanceMaisie IngerssonNeto Diaz

OOC Date: 04/11/2016 || IC Date: 10/23/2033 10:00pm