On No Return we have a custom scavenging system to help you get an idea of what your character might find when digging around through ruins or other places. This system was designed with the intention of adding flavor to your scene, without detracting from the freedom that RP allows.

Scavenging in a scene

See +help +scavenge

Interpreting the list

Below is an example output from using the command. It shows the rarity of the item, what condition it’s in, and a summary. You will also be +mailed the result automatically. Use your best judgement on gauging what condition an item is in based on what the system generated. Items in ‘bad’ or ‘useless’ condition are beyond use/repair.

============================== Scavenge Results ==============================
Common: Screwdriver (Condition: Fair)
   A metal tool with a hard plastic handle used to drive in or remove screws. 
   Could be flathead, phillips head, hexagonal or even have an interchangeable 
Common: Elmer's Glue-All (Condition: Good)
   A 4 oz. bottle of multi-purpose adhesive for crafts and small projects.
Common: Metal Spatula (Condition: Fair)
   A cooking utensil with a flat end for flipping food in a pan.
Common: Plastic Bowl (Condition: Bad)
   A plastic serving bowl.
Uncommon: Coffee Maker (Condition: Bad)
   A standard coffee maker with glass urn.

Item Creation

You are not required to have physical items for everything you scavenge; in many cases you can just RP them. If you find something special that you want an item to represent, we require:

  • You must have scavenged the item in the last 7 days.
  • You will need to do an RP scene with others where either you play out finding the item, or mention/show the item you found. The log will need to be posted on the website.
  • Request your item through the website request form. (You must include the date of the scavenge from the +mail you received, and a link to the posted log)

*Scavenged weapons & armor cannot be used in coded combat until they are real items.

How can I get items added to the database?

Do you want the list to have more options of things to find? It’s set up so everyone can help and add to it!

How to do this is simple: Go into the website and log in where you go to add logs or update your character. You should see a section called “Loot”. Just go in and fill out the simple form for *each* individual object. (Fishing Hat, Comb, Statue of a Dog, Small Mirror, Vacuum Cleaner, etc.) Everything will be subject to approval, so don’t worry about doing it wrong, but please pay attention to these parameters:

  • Grammar – Please make sure things are capitalized and spelled correctly. If we have to spellcheck everything it will take a long time for us to get it approved.
  • Quality – Don’t put in what level of quality an item is. Only describe it as if it were undamaged. (the code will automatically calculate what quality it is)
    • Correct: Empty Beer Bottle – This is an empty bottle of beer.
    • Incorrect: Empty Beer Bottle – This beer bottle has the top broken off and has jagged bits of glass, and the label is torn off.
  • Summary – Please fill in a summary for any item that needs more description. Color, shape, size, weight, etc are all applicable. Just one line will suffice. Don’t go into unnecessary detail.
  • Categories – Check all categories that apply. Is it a household item? Is it clothing? Anywhere/type that applies, check the box.
  • Rarity – Try to be realistic. Is it something that’s found everywhere? Occasionally? Very rarely? Use your best judgement. Every home probably has a spatula. Every home does not have a stand-up cut-out of Han Solo.
  • Weapons – Please do not add weapons. We will handle this.
  • Food – Please limit food items to small amounts.

Lastly, if you go to add loot and see all previously added loot is gone, that means that we went through and approved it, so don’t panic if the list is empty in admin section.

We’re making notes on who is contributing! Thanks!!