When Cheyenne and I first designed No Return, we planned out a method of running plots based on Seasons and Episodes, much like a TV series. (http://www.zombiemush.com/policies/plots/). Now that we’ve developed most of the systems that we wanted to have in place (Scavenge, Hunt, Karma) we’re ready to move the game on to the next season.

This season has been “Outpost 39”. It’s centered around people coming into the outpost, getting set up and established, and letting the players explore setting up a community entirely on their own without a pre-existing structure. There hasn’t been much in the way of outside aggressors save the occasional zombie attack, some bandits, and the Sentinels showing up to make some requests.

As we start to work toward our season finale, things are going to get a lot more exciting around the outpost. We’re going to be starting some pretty big new plotlines that will dramatically change things. There will be some major events, and the players will have some big decisions placed before them, all dependant upon how the residents of 39 handle what’s to come. There will be combat and a very real risk of character death (should you choose to participate in said combat).

To keep things exciting and interesting, Staff is not going to share what we have planned until it’s happening. We have carefully built our outlines with the intention of giving the players choices, but have designed a timeline such that the plot will progress even if no action is taken. If you are uncomfortable with sudden big changes, this is your warning to make some OOC decisions about what you want to do. Given the nature of what’s coming down the pipe, no one will simply be able to opt out by not attending events. Every character will be affected in some way, either rolling with the tide or swimming against it.


Regarding the upcoming seasons finale:

It’s mentioned that character death is a real possibility. Don’t worry, we’ll work out some warnings for each scene’s risk factor and give warnings in-scene to the best of our ability as well before a character does something with a death possibility. We’re not out to kill PCs, but there needs to be a level of realism and risk.

Example: Bob says he wants to rush a group of 5 zombies with nothing more than a baseball bat. I would tell him, “That’s very dangerous, you might not live.. are you sure you want to do that?”