The new season opens on many changes for our group of survivors. They have been forced out of their home and are taking refuge at an abandoned summer camp (Camp Missaukee) approximately seven miles northwest of Outpost 39. They’ve had to give up many of the amenities they’d come to enjoy, such as power, electricity, and private housing. Now the group is spread amongst the camp’s small cabins, most people having to share living space. On the up side, each cabin has a fireplace.

The council is getting more organized and drafts of a group charter have begun circulating, with more revisions expected soon. Cabinet members have been appointed to oversee various important aspects of the community (medical, security, infrastructure, etc.). Some members of the community want to take back their town, while others seem to have accepted it as a loss and just want to move on.

What will the new season bring? Time (and RP) will tell.

What does all this mean for new players? Well, Outpost 39 is still on Stillwater’s map as an outpost, so they may still be sending people there. However, the group currently occupying the outpost is decidedly unfriendly and is not allowing anyone to stay. They might give them some vague instructions about the outposters relocating northwest and point them to the road. The path won’t be too difficult to follow, as the road they took was plowed as they went.

New characters not from Stillwater can stumble across the group in the usual fashion, just happening to come across the camp or encountering members of the community in the surrounding area and being brought back to the camp.

If you have any questions about the season finale, new season, or how to integrate your character (new or returning), please talk to staff.