Camp Missaukee (est. 1985) is a pre-outbreak youth summer camp and the current setting for our story. It is approximately 7 miles northwest of Outpost 39, following the road that leads out of town past the Davis Farm. The camp sits on the eastern bank of Lake Missaukee. It was intentionally designed to be a rustic experience, with power and water only flowing to the kitchen and bathroom/shower facilities. That power and water has long since ceased flowing, but there is a rusty old hand-pump that (mostly) still functions in the Pioneer’s Landing area of camp.

The camp was scouted somewhat hastily following the sudden hostile takeover of Outpost 39 in February, 2033. Although free of the undead, it was the site of some apparently gristly murders and had seen its share of squatters over the years. However, the fence that circles the property was largely intact and has proven relatively simple to reinforce. The community quickly set to work cleaning things up and getting settled in, though for how long? It remains a matter of some debate.

On March 16, 2033, the survivors ratified a charter, establishing their governance and laws. It can be found here: Survivor’s Charter

A diagram of the camp’s layout (not to scale) can be found here: Camp Missaukee Diagram

A map of the Lake Missaukee region can be found here: Lake Missaukee Regional Map

Far Away by Joakim Olofsson: