We enjoy being free from the constraints of current geography and topology, so you won’t find Stillwater, Lake Missaukee, Cathedral Falls or other IC locations on Google Maps. We have been intentionally¬†vague about where our game is located, saying little more than “central Wisconsin” when necessary. Still, sometimes a visual aid can be helpful so we’ve created the following maps as resources:

  • Region Map: This map documents the general region where our game takes place. It is 100 miles to a side, so you can get an idea of how far it is between locations.
  • Lake Missaukee Regional Map: This map is a close-up of the Lake Missaukee region. The summer camp lies on its east bank, while the motel is on the west bank. Each square on this map represents one square mile.
  • Camp Missaukee Layout: This is a diagram rather than a map, but it will give you an idea of the layout of Camp Missaukee. Please note, it is not to scale.
  • Outpost 39 Map: This is a map of Outpost 39. Although it is no longer the focus of the game, it may be helpful to have it for reference.