Current IC grid location: Camp Missaukee

Abandoned Houses by Joakim Olofsson:

Outpost 39 is about fifty miles north of the City of Stillwater. It was a small agricultural community before the apocalypse and was long abandoned before its establishment as a Stillwater Outpost in August, 2031.

Recent History

Overrun – November 2, 2033 (Season Two Finale): Hundreds of zombies marching north from Stillwater lay siege to the town and manage to breach its defenses in several locations. The defenders are overrun within an hour, and the dead lay claim to the outpost.

New Management – May 2033: Briar’s group is ejected from the Outpost by a much larger force of Stillwater exiles in the wake of the Stillwater War. The Outposts new stewards would be revealed to be a mixed group of Sentinels and civilians, all exiled by Vortex after the war. Briar’s group had made strides toward fortifying the town, but once the Sentinels moved in they set to reinforcing said fortifications with institutional vigor. The result was a barrier ringing the east side of town.

Hostile Takeover – February 20, 2033 (Season One Finale): A group of hostiles led by Ex-Sentinel Tom Briar lay siege to the outpost. After cutting the power, they confiscated the community’s food and weapons, then rounded up everyone they could find and held them hostage until everyone else agreed to collect their stuff and leave. The hostages were released only after everyone else had gone. Not much was known about Briar and his group at the time, but some of them were wearing Sentinel gear, all of them were well armed, and they seemed to be settling in for an indefinite occupation. The previous settlers of Outpost 39 were largely scattered in the initial invasion; only 25 or so of the residents managed to group up and make the journey to nearby Camp Missaukee.

Initial Re-Settlement – August 2031: Outpost 39 is settled by a ragtag group of survivors, some who made the trip north from Stillwater and others that they met along the way. The population of Outpost 39 swelled from an initial 7 to over 80 survivors. Not all of the survivors were from Stillwater; in fact, the ratio of Stillwater exiles to outsiders was only slightly weighted in the exiles’ favor. The town itself proved to be in relatively good condition. Many of the buildings around town had boarded up windows and locked doors, as if the original townsfolk took care to button it up before leaving. That’s not to say that there weren’t also indications of looting and squatting to be seen around town.


Power: There is a hydroelectric plant near the town that has been repaired and it now loosely provides power to main street and the eastern side of town. Some power lines were strategically cut during Briar’s initial occupation, and power currently only runs to specific buildings.

Water: The town has running water, generally speaking, but it may not be fully functional in every building. Out at the farm to the northwest there’s an artisian well that provides a constant flow of clean, fresh water, and there is also the river to the east that hasn’t been cleared as officially safe to drink, but many people use it for bathing and washing clothing and haven’t had problems.