Medic by Joakim Olofsson:


There are plenty of people out there trying to create antidotes and cures for ZNA, but very few have been successful. As far as most people in the region know, there is no antidote. Characters from Stillwater, or who have had dealings with people from Stillwater, are notable exceptions.


Since the virus mutates at the same rate that the flu virus does, antidotes tend to have a very short shelf-life of effectiveness and constantly need to be updated. Also, since quantities are very limited, it’s not nearly as effective as it could be to stop spreading of the infection.

Animals can be cured with the antidote, but still hold the same risk of re-infection if exposed again.


Augustus Bates is the scientist first credited with a successful antidote to someone infected with ZNA, in 2020. It was only marginally effective, with around a 25% success rate, but doctors rushed to produce it.

Over time, other scientists and doctors have refined the antidote, but with the high lethality of ZNA, high mutation rate, breakdown of communication methods, and medical facilities and equipment becoming scarcer, it’s been an uphill battle. Now most antidotes are around 95% effective, if given to the patient before they suffer terminal conditions of the infection.

OOC Info:

Most antidotes have about a one-year shelf life, with effectiveness dropping off significantly after that.

There is no vaccine at this time. With the limited resources and personnel, no one has come up with an effective vaccine.

Although Stillwater was at one time developing and producing an antidote, they hoarded their knowledge and supply. As of this time, antidote production in Stillwater has ceased.

The antidote *must* be applied prior to character death from infection. A zombie cannot be cured.

Antidote is an in-game item. Please get infected responsibly. Without an antidote object your character cannot be cured.

After being applied, the antidote takes about three hours ICly to render a person ‘cured’ and no longer contagious. Recover of the side-effects/symptoms could be a longer recovery time at the player’s discretion. (probably a day or two)