Zombie Horde by Joakim Olofsson: http://joakimolofsson.deviantart.com/gallery/

Zombies on No Return

There are a lot of stereotypes about zombies and they’ve been portrayed in many ways over the years. Some portray them as marathon runners, others as dried out, twisted husks of human beings. Here are the common traits and characteristics of zombies on this MUSH, so that we can maintain some consistency from scene to scene:

  • Our zombies are, for all intents and purposes, animated corpses. Whatever spark made them who they were in life is gone. They have no consciousness, no intelligence, no conscience, and no morality.
  • They smell pretty gross, but not uniformly. Generally, the more rotted they are the more offensive the odor.
  • They don’t have very keen eyesight; the cloudiness that can be seen in the eyes of infected humans persists after death, impairing their vision. They are not blind, but they do not rely heavily on sight for tracking prey.
  • Because of their impaired vision, they rely heavily on sharpened senses of hearing and smell to hunt.
  • They cannot simply smell the living, but they can smell blood and are rather like sharks in that they will hone in on it.
  • They cannot hear human heartbeats, but they can distinguish between ‘prey sounds’ and ‘zombie sounds’.
  • They cannot be cured or rehabilitated.
  • They typically shamble around at walking speed, but can ‘sprint’ (jogging speed) in brief spurts to catch prey.
  • They are a bit clumsy, but not so much that they are easy to evade.
  • The only way to kill them is to destroy the brain, but severed limbs become immediately inert.
  • If the head is cut off, the body will fall but you wouldn’t just leave a head on the ground gnashing its teeth would you? That’s mean.

OOC Quick-reference

  • Zombies typically shamble at walking speed.
  • They have poor eyesight and hunt mostly via hearing and smell (particularly, blood).
  • They can roll Athletics: Running at a diff 60 for up to four rounds when in chase mode.


* Animals can carry and spread the virus but cannot become zombies.