11/03/2033 4:00pm - The Horde Reaches Camp Missaukee (Season 2 Finale)

The brave defenders of Camp Missaukee defend their home against wave after wave of undead.

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11/02/2033 8:00pm - Outpost 39 Falls

Shots ring out in the distance as the horde from Stillwater reaches Outpost 39. The defenders fail to push back the tide; Outpost 39 is overrun by the undead.

Outpost 39

11/01/2033 12:00pm - Return of the Fox Siblings

Cassandra and Greg Fox are found 15 miles south of camp, trying to outrun a horde of undead shambling north from Stillwater.

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10/28/2033 12:00am - Stillwater Falls

ZNA rages out of control in Stillwater. The city is overrun by the undead.


10/23/2033 12:00am - Bruce joins the council

Kelly's council term ends, and Bruce replaces him.

Bruce Tuskatella GlobalSummer Camp

10/21/2033 12:00am - Outbreak in Stillwater

A ZNA outbreak occurs in Stillwater. The situation behind the walls rapidly deteriorates.


10/17/2033 2:00pm - Contact Made With Stillwater

Adam, Kat and Patrick make contact with Stillwater, looking to get some messages delivered to campers' family members.

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10/08/2033 10:00am - Contact Made with Sentinels at Outpost 39

After many months of radio silence and avoidance, contact with the Sentinels at Outpost 39 is made.

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10/06/2033 12:00am - Harry Joins the Council

Harrison is elected to the empty council spot.

Harrison Vance GlobalSummer Camp

09/23/2033 12:00am - Aristide Joins the Council

Randi's council term ends, and Aristide is elected in her place.

Aristide Rousseau GlobalSummer Camp