04/18/2033 6:00pm - Ryan’s memorial

The camp holds a memorial for Ryan.

Related RP Log Ryan Ruderman Community LogSummer Camp

04/18/2033 12:00am - Waterwheel paddles are repaired

Some citizens repair the broken paddles of the waterwheel.

Related RP Log Community LogSummer Camp

04/17/2033 7:30pm - Passover Seder

Chava holds a Passover seder.

Related RP Log Chava Flamenbaum Community LogSummer Camp

04/15/2033 12:00am - Stillwater War Begins

The conflict between the Sentinels and Vortex in Stillwater devolves into outright war.


04/13/2033 11:00am - Hospital run – Ryan’s death

A group makes a run to a hospital for supplies. Ryan does not make it back.

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04/08/2033 7:00am - Aris Becomes a Citizen

Aris becomes a citizen and moves into Badger cabin.

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04/06/2033 4:00pm - Airing out the Laundry

Laundry cleanup

Shelly starts to clean out the horribly disgusting useless laundry room to turn it into a horribly disgusting useful tannery.  Aaron, the one-armed blacksmith, sees potential for a forge someday.

Aaron DonalMichelle Poplin Summer Camp

04/06/2033 3:00pm - Chava becomes a citizen

Chava becomes a citizen.

Related RP Log Chava Flamenbaum Community LogSummer Camp

04/05/2033 3:00pm - Badger Gets A Makeover

Michelle helps Randi clean up Badger

Michelle arrives at Badger to find Randi scrubbing the floors. She pitches in and they discuss the future while cleaning up the cabin.

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04/03/2033 7:00pm - Shelly Becomes a Citizen of the Community

Shelly becomes a citizen of the community, sworn in by Randi and sponsored by Gene.

Gene DresdenMichelle PoplinRandi O'Neil Summer Camp